E-books now available here

Finally - finally! - I've added handy little buttons for easy purchase of my e-books, Ten Minute Tasks and Travel Talk over in my sidebar. Simply click on the google checkout button of your choice, and you'll (usually) have the e-book within 24 hours. It's not completely automatic, but it's pretty darned easy.

Just for kicks, here's a refresher course on each of the e-books:


With the gathering of creative problem solving teams, I know that there are adult leaders out there looking for some fresh activities to bring to their groups. I've created some all-new challenges and compiled them into an e-book called Ten Minute Tasks. If you are anxious to add team challenges to your group sessions, here's your chance to get a sneak preview of sorts!


Traveling. It’s what many of us dream of doing. And yet, when we find ourselves in the midst of actually doing it, the bulging suitcases, over-excited passengers and overflowing backseat can make us wonder
why. Arguments over infractions like crossing the invisible back seat line erupt as kids complain. “He’s looking at me!”, “She touched me!”, and the ever familiar, “When are we going to get there??”

Travel Talk is my tribute to the families and friends who head out on vacations of any size this holiday season, prepared to spend some quality time together as a family No Matter What.


Of course, the official, real live, printed, 273-page version of Team Challenges is available here.