Look at all this cool stuff!

If you've tried out any of the challenges on this site or from Team Challenges, you know that this pile of supplies will come in mighty handy when you're setting up a challenge for your group.

The contest that I posted about earlier this month is still going on. You have ten more days to get your name into the hat for a chance to win! Remember, there are FOUR ways to enter:

  1. Simply post a comment here sharing how you have used Team Challenges with your team or in your classroom.
  2. Email information about this contest to three people you think would like to enter, along with a link to this post in your message. You must also cc me at teamchallenges @ yahoo.com (remove the spaces) or I won't know that you've entered.
  3. Add a link to this blog post from your own blog or web page and either trackback to this post or tell me you've done so in the comments.
  4. Send a photo of one of your team's great solutions to teamchallenges @ yahoo.com (remove the spaces). I'll post it here and you'll be entered to win.

In all cases, please include an email address or other contact information so that I can reach you if you win!

Feel free to include the following message in your emails or blog post:

Kris Bordessa, the author of Team Challenges: Group Activities to Build Cooperation, Communication and Creativity is giving away STUFF! Visit her at http://www.greatsolutions.blogspot.com/ to find out how you can enter to win.

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