Great Game for Team Building

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my family played a game from Cranium called Family Fun - once was not enough. The kids asked for more and the adults didn't mind complying!

While this is definitely a great game for families it would also be an *excellent* game for use within team building or youth programs. To play, two teams work cooperatively to reach the finish line first. There isn't a limit to team size, though you'll need a minimum of four people total to play. To reach the finish line, teams must complete a variety of challenges* in four categories: Creative Cat, Word Worm, Data Head, and Star Performer. Teams draw cards that instruct them to do activities such as drawing (with eyes closed!), acting out scenes, humming a tune, performing a stunt, answering trivia questions, or solving word problems. Because of the variety of challenges and the team aspect, this game is one that works with a wide age range – 6 year olds can easily play alongside 60 year olds.

*Warning: Many of these challenges will induce uncontrollable laughter.