A Team Challenges Birthday Party!

I love hearing from people who have used Team Challenges! This morning I opened up my in box to find a great message from a parent who attended one of my workshops at the Home = Ed conference back in August. Here's just a part of her wonderful message:

My family took your Team Challenges workshop at the HSC conference in August and loved it…so much so that we bought your book and my oldest son asked that we do a Team Challenges birthday party for his 13th birthday. Well, today was the party and I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic success it was. We had 16 boys (mostly 9-14 yrs old + my 5 year old youngest son) and most had never done any type of “challenge” activity before. Most were homeschoolers, not all. Many knew each other, some well, some not at all. Generally, it was a great mix all around. I broke them into three random groups (used a deck of playing cards) and they stayed in those groups the whole time. We also had a lot of food before, during and after the challenges…they were a hungry bunch!

We started with some warm ups (People Bingo, Question and Answer, Make a Connection) and then went on to big challenges. They built a bridge, made a raft to hold weight, did a sequential # line up, invented a letter, and created a candy mover.

She goes on to say what fun the kids had. In a follow up message she shares this:

I'm getting emails today from the moms of the boys at the party. Everyone really loved it.

That is so neat! Thanks, Susie, for taking the time to contact me. 

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What a great idea!