**Four Square**

Set up

Place four unopened food cans so that they form the corners of a square, approximately 3' x 3'. Gather the construction materials and set them nearby. Read the list of construction materials and the team instructions out loud to the team.

Construction Materials

1 sheet of newspaper
1 sheet of sticky dots
12" of string
10 paper clips
3 drinking straws
5 index cards
*may not be altered

Team Instructions

We all know that a square has four sides. Your task is to transform these four cans into a closed square. You have four minutes to create four complete sides for this square using the assortment of materials you have been given. The materials may not touch the ground and must be continuously touching - no gaps allowed. You will be notified when only one minute of building time remains.

Scoring (optional)

At the end of the building time, you will be awarded up to ten points each for creativity, communication and cooperation. You will also earn 25 bonus points if you have achieved a four-sided square.

Plan to try this with YOUR team? Snap a photo of the solution and send it to me at teamchallenges ~at~ yahoo.com and I'll post it here.

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