A Festival of Junk

Funmeister Bernie DeKoven recently shared an idea that I think is worthy of attention on many levels.

Aside from being perhaps the first public event to incorporate sports and arts, the Festival of Junk is also probably the first public festival that is created entirely with found materials. All the art is made of scrap, all the music is played on instruments made of scrap, even the sports equipment is made entirely from scrap.

The concept is pure, unadulterated fun. How many events require a cash expenditure before it can become an actual thing? An event like this requires nothing but creativity and excellent scavenging skills, making it accessible to people who are excited about the possibility of fun, regardless of their bank account.

Beyond the financial feasability of this, it's an opportunity to bring some environmental awareness to a community. Not only is there an element of reuse, but there's an element of NON-use. In other words, if the activities use scavenged and found items, it WON'T require new products to be purchased and consumed.

And, kids participating in an event like this will learn how to think beyond the usual bounds of playthings and discover the joy of cardboard and bottle caps. Or should I say REdiscover? The joy of cardboard boxes is well-known to toddlers, but as they become little consumers, they learn that the box is garbage and expect something grander to entertain them.

For my money, there's nothing better than a cardboard box!

Read the entire proposal for A Festival of Junk here.

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