**Moon Landing**

Set Up

Mark a 3-foot diameter circle on the ground with chalk. Ten feet away, draw a 10-foot square. Gather the team together with the construction materials in the 10-foot square. Read out loud to the team the list of construction materials and the instructions.

Construction Materials

10 paper clips
5 rubber bands
1 balloon, uninflated
3 cardboard tubes
1 sheet of mailing labels
2 index cards
3 sheets of paper
2 paper cups
5 ping-pong balls

Team Instructions

Your mission is to land several portable test orbs on the moon. You are standing inside Mission Control; you may not leave Mission Control at any time. There is a landing pad across from you. You have five minutes to devise a method to move all of the orbs (ping-pong balls) onto the landing pad. At the end of the five-minute construction time, you will have one minute to launch the orbs. The orbs must not roll out of the specified area, or they will not operate properly.

Scoring (optional)

You will receive up to 10 points each for creativity, communication and cooperation. You will also receive 10 bonus points for each orb you successfully land on the moon.

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berry said...

There are some great team building games here. Fun for all!