Cheerios - Again

It's been almost two years since I first posted the Elevate an Apple challenge incorporating Cheerios into the list of construction materials. Today, I ran across Another chance to be creative with Cheerios. The folks over at Modern Mom are seeking creative and fun uses for Fruity Cheerios.

The Fruity Cheerios "Family Fun" contest encourages families to capture how Fruity Cheerios contributes to family fun by creating a picture or video inspired by Fruity Cheerios and featuring family members.

Why not substitute Fruity Cheerios for the regular Cheerios in that Elevate an Apple challenge, and submit a photo of your solution for consideration? The prize is
a case of Fruity Cheerios and $500 in cash! Can't beat that. Oh, and if you do enter, let me know - I'd love to post your photo here, too.

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