An invitation to request a free e-book

Planning an end of the year party? Need to keep the kids occupied for ten minutes? Want to encourage communication and teamwork? Then I invite you to request my e-book, Ten Minute Tasks. Free.

Planning a road trip? Wishing you could make it five blocks without the bickering in the backseat? Then I invite you to request my e-book, Travel Talk. Free.

What a deal, eh? Simply click on the above links and put either "travel" or "tasks" in the subject line. I'll send whichever one you choose. Want both? No problem - just say so! Want your friends to get one? Just send them over here. There's no limit to how many I can send out, but while I'm trying to figure out an autoresponder for this (ideas?), you'll be at the mercy of my overscheduled calendar. Be patient.

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