Creative Recycling

Anyone who has ever packed for a move (or participated in a creative problem solving program!) knows the value of a good cardboard box. Grocery stores, hardware stores, and back alley dumpsters have provided me and my kids with plenty of moving boxes or cardboard material. But what about people who aren't willing to go to such lengths to find a sturdy box? The people who are just as content to buy brand new cardboard?

Enter! They have my vote for best creative new company I've come across lately. They rescue used and misprinted boxes that would have otherwise seen the inside of a landfill or been shredded after only a single use, and make these available for sale at a lower cost than brand new cardboard boxes. For the box skeptics, the folks as assure customers that their used boxes are as good as new.

We have a rule at If we wouldn't use the box to move our own households, we don't put then in inventory. Make no mistake, if you order used boxes from us, the boxes you receive may have been gently used once. They most likely have been carefully packed, taped closed and then carefully opened back up. They may also have a label or two on them. But for the purpose of packing them with household items for a move, or to ship an item across the country, they are great! On the other hand, they may be brand new overruns, misprints or customer returns. It all depends on what we have available the day your order is shipped.

I wonder if the people at have given any thought to the creative possibilities behind their cardboard boxes?

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Anonymous said...

I once tried making a chair out of our boxes, but quickly realized I needed to stick with what I am good at...

Glad to hear you like our service, we are proud of it too!