A Junkyard Symphony?

Toddlers do it naturally (think cooking pot and wooden spoon) but as kids reach school age, musical prowess is used for instruments. Real instruments. The Junkyard Symphony has changed all that. They are proponents of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rock plan: using castoff materials to create instruments and beautiful music.

Of course, they're professionals, so you shouldn't try this at home. Oh, wait. That's these guys. A Junkyard Symphony is absolutely perfect for the home musician. Everyone has a bucket and a stick at home, right?

I think these guys might like to try out Plunger Pandemonium...

It's summer time. Send the kids out on a scouting mission for materials and challenge them to come up with some unique instruments out of recyled junk. It might spark a creative revolution. Or at least a summer evening concert.

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