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I stumbled upon the blog of author Roger Von Oech today. You might know him as the guy who wrote A Whack on the Side of the Head. In his "What if..." of the week he asks the question:

What if the use of edible clothing were widespread in our society?"

What indeed?

Grigor Coric suggests we might end up with: organic clothes, nutritious clothes, diet clothes; freshly fashion and farm fashion; plum, apple and watermelon sizes instead of S, M, L; fridges instead of wardrobes; no ironing; “grow your own clothes” movement.

I'm thinking not of the clothes themselves, but of the environmental implications. Edible clothing could mean that we'd never throw away another pair of jeans; we'd just toss them into that night's stew, and we could have not only a 100 mile diet, but a 100 mile closet as well. Fun question!

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Grigor said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for the link love.
I like those Roger's "what if" questions. They make me look at things from the other side. And they make a lot of fun.
I asked my daughter the same question. You can imagine those answers!

Carlos said...
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