It's your turn to get clever!

Larramie has been really enjoying What Else Wednesdays, and asked if I had "any other mental challenges like that in your book that could work on the Internet?" Well, YEAH! I have some old posts up that fit the bill, but in honor of Larramie, let's do one here. (And really, folks. If you like to do this kind of stuff in real life, Team Challenges has pages of them, not to mention lots of other cool stuff).

Gather your group, classroom or family and see how many answers you can come up with. Bonus points for creative answers!

  • Name things that bend

I've added one answer via the comment button; now it's your turn - what can you come up with??

Have fun!


Kris Bordessa said...

the rules

Jody said...

Hey, I just wanted to say that my son's teacher has been using your team challenges the last few days as bonding and "get to know you" activities for the class, for the first few days of school. She says she's ready for Team Challenges 2.

As for things that bend, spoons. And the truth.

Larramie said...

a winding road

Uri Geller's spoons

a back over backwards

a body in a yoga position

And, yes, I had fun! ;)

becky said...

scuba divers get "the bends"

Miss Maryanne from Romper Room (bend and stretch, reach for the stars...)