Whatever Floats Your Boat

At Street Use, Kevin Kelly features photos of the ways in which people modify and re-create technology. We all do this. You've done it. Remember the time you wedged a plastic lid under a table leg to keep it from rocking? Or the time you cut the top from a detergent bottle to create an in-a-pinch funnel?

Of course, the pictures you'll see at Street Use kind of take it to a new level. For instance, check out this boat:

The pontoons are made from Styrofoam packing peanuts and pieces, bundled into a net.

Brings to mind this do it yourself raft, comprised primarily of soda bottles and duct tape:


Jody said...

I'm going to have to show this to my 9 year old son. He's made toy boats out of reclaimed materials, and I think, with his great love of duct tape, he might be up for something he could float on.

Anonymous said...

Such a great idea for showing children what recucling is. Greetings from spain.