What Else Wednesdays

What else could this item be used for?

The rules are simple.
  • There are no wrong answers - just creative ones
  • Add your answer(s) in the comments
  • Keep it clean
Three from me: Giant eyebrow tweezers, a compass for drawing circles, the base of a duck bill for a costume.

Have fun!

(as an aside, thanks to regular contributors Larramie, JeffTexas, Amy Bowllan and Jody for making this a fun way to get through midweek. The rest of you? I know you're out there - c'mon and play!)


debra said...

Funky castenettes
Back scratcher
Claw for lobster costume

Larramie said...

A wishbone
A nutcracker
A jar opener
A boomerang

Roger von Oech said...

Greek letter "lambda"
Upside down "V"
rotate 90 degrees = "greater than" symbol

jefftexas said...

A weak person's thighmaster

A door knob opener for germophobes

Use it to show applause if your other had is busy

Use it to pull your socks up if you can't reach.

A double shoehorn

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)