What Else Wednesdays

What else could this item be used for?

The rules are simple.
  • There are no wrong answers - just creative ones
  • Add your answer(s) in the comments
  • Keep it clean
Three from me: One end of a miniature ice rink, (standing upright) the entrance to a tunnel, a Ninja weapon.

Have fun!


Jody said...

football goalposts for tiny people

a harp (put rubber bands around it

Larramie said...

A new hand for Captain Hook

A glass/cup holder

An extra-strength magnet

A horseshoe with a handle

jefftexas said...

using a larger rubber band-use it as a slingshot

use it to trace letter C's or U's

debra said...

back scratcher
hold it upright--it's a tunnel for little guys