What if we just stopped doing dumb stuff?

My cyber friend Tim poses just that question. What if we just stopped the waste that comes from disposable shopping bags (paper OR plastic) by using reusable bags? It would be good for the environment, certainly. I responded thusly:
What if…stores simply stopped providing bags? How long do you think it would be before people remembered to bring their own bags or recycled boxes? I’m guessing the third trip to the store, tops.
In Team Challenges I talk about the fact that there are numerous problems in our world that need to be solved, and I contend that many of these challenges require the capacity to creatively problem solve. The plastic bag dilemma is just one small one, and it appears that some cities are addressing the issue.

What do you think? How would the public react to bagless grocers? What creative, beyond bounds recommendations can you make for solving the issue of grocery bag waste?


Katie Konrath said...

Actually, in Germany where I'm living now, none of the grocers provide bags. Everyone either bring their own, or pays about 20 Euro cents per bag.

It actually works very well.

Kris Bordessa said...

Katie, I've heard this from other people as well. I think that American stores - and people in general - could learn a thing or two from our European neighbors.