What Else Wednesdays

Well, now, I've been lax with these, eh? I was out of town on a writing assignment and unable to post. Larramie, I love that you managed without me by posting your cleverness under the "Brilliant" post. See how creative we are around here??

Anyway, here goes:

What else could this item be used for?

The rules are simple.
  • There are no wrong answers - just creative ones
  • Add your answer(s) in the comments
  • Keep it clean
Three from me: a bat for a new game called 'ukulele ball, a practice slope for a miniature skier, a measuring device.

Have fun!


jefftexas said...

A paddle for canoe or naughty children!

A snowshoe

a flyswatter

a hard to get into purse

the attached strings-a cheese grater, foot scratcher, or back scratcher

Jody said...

A house for a mouse

cristi:) said...

a "horse" for a small child
a croquet mallet
the neck and body form for a scarecrow
a table