What Else Wednesdays

What else could this item be used for?

The rules are simple.
  • There are no wrong answers - just creative ones
  • Add your answer(s) in the comments
  • Keep it clean
Three from me: an architectural element, uber cool frames for sunglasses, a comb protector for a rooster.


debra said...

Negative space :-)? I don't see an image.

Kris Bordessa said...

Debra, it's there now! Blogger was having issues, so I guess it's more like What Else Thursday this week.

jefftexas said...

a bridge for ants or other small bugs

a towel rack for small towels

a holder for business cards

a holder for place setting names

debra said...

a part of a tiny croquet game
a limbo stick for small beings
the frame for a tent for elves

cristi:) said...

a spoon rest
a doll see-saw
tunnel for match bux cars