What Else Wednesday - Final Episode??

The comments on my What Else Wednesdays posts have slowed to a trickle, so I'm using this Wednesday to take a survey of sorts. If there are enough answers to today's challenge, I'll keep 'em coming. If not, then this weekly challenge will go the way of the wooly mammoth.

Here we go:

What else could this item be used for?

The rules are simple.

  • There are no wrong answers - just creative ones
  • Add your answer(s) in the comments
  • Keep it clean
Three from me: track for a marble maze, siding for a house, a stamp for making fake bulldozer tracks in the snow


AkuTyger said...

A tooth pick organizer.

Something to divert very small amounts of water into many small spaces.

To keep your pencil from rolling off the table.

Goutham said...

Chop stick stand

Move a stick across this and it becomes a musical instrument.

Yarn spool

Door stop

Goutham said...

rubberband organizer

A side for Transamerica building model?

Could be used to decorate sand castles (make patterns on)

As a support for saplings (you could track how much they have grown by looking at the striations.

A scratch Toy for a cat?

Goutham said...

Math manipulative.
write multiplications on one side and answers on the other side with an erasable marker(not on level but mixed up) and give rubber bands to connect the multiplications to the right answers. (could be additions and subtractions too).

Anonymous said...

some type of packing material.
rubber track for a toy tank.

Kris Bordessa said...

Ah, Goutham has a sense of humor! Welcome, and thanks for posting.

harveychua0208 said...

rubber comb for picking up dog hair