Playing with Stuff

I don't normally do book reviews here, but I'm making an exception for Playing with Stuff from Kane/Miller Book Publishers. The activities in this book utilize what you have on hand, rather than requiring a shopping trip for supplies. I love that aspect of it. (If you own Team Challenges, you know that I'm a big fan of recycling and using what's available.)

There are more than thirty Outrageous Games with Ordinary Objects included in this book. When this book arrived, my son insisted that we play Cheese Squeeze immediately. This game entails making holes in a slice of cheese using drinking straws. The person who manages to make the last complete hole is the winner. This would be a great game to occupy kids during that before-dinner starving time.

While the games in this book are not cooperative, Topsy Tumble is one that could easily be altered to work as a team building activity. The original version requires players to place mini-figures on precarious footing, trying not to place the figure that causes all to fall.

To make it a team building exercise, try this:

Hang a pot lid (a flat lid with a handle in the center works best) from heavy string. Give your team an assortment of mini-figures such as Lego people, small soldiers, or Playmobil people. Challenge them to work together to balance as many figures as possible on the lid before they tumble off.

I could see many of the games from this book working as birthday party games or modified to work as team building activities.

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AkuTyger said...

Fun activity - I'll keep it in mind as my DI kids sit in the airport waiting for their flight.