Clever Idea or Unnecessary Invention?

Admittedly, this is a clever idea. A way to turn an everyday product into something new. This little invention required someone to think beyond the bottle's original use to come up with a nugget of an idea, and I think that's wonderful. But is this really necessary? I suppose the long neck is useful for tall, hanging plants, but beyond that it seems like a waste of plastic. The extra spout pours water. The plastic bottle, when tipped, pours water. I think this is a case of creativity meeting marketing.

Perhaps instead of inventing an attachment, the clever person who created this can work to come up with a way to utilize - or even eliminate - plastic bottles that doesn't require that more plastic be created.

Of course, I'm convinced that there are better alternatives to the plastic bottle myself.

What do you think? Clever Idea? Or unnecessary invention?

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AkuTyger said...

Um, maybe it would be useful in that you can just fill up 5 bottles of water, and then water all your plants by removing and reattaching the top part without having to return to the sink for a refill? However, I have to note that most 2 liter water bottles don't fit in the average sink.