What Else Wednesday

Those of you who are really on top of things will say, "Wait a minute! Kris hasn't been doing What Else Wednesdays!" Well, true. But I ran across this post and image today, and it happens to be Wednesday, and what the heck? If I can't make executive decisions on this blog, where can I?

Jody Mace found these treasures at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore and wonders what a person could use them for. So far:
  • Minimalistic Christmas Trees
  • Sun dials
  • Modernistic Stonehenge site, arranged in a circle, at which we would perform various sacrifices and rituals
  • A slightly more festive substitution for the Festivus Pole. You know, for the rest of us.
How would you incorporate these...things...into your life?

1 comment:

Katie Konrath said...

Gosh, if I were a giant, I'd definitely be able to use those to comb my hair! ;-)