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Holiday classrooms are often adorned with paper chains, handcrafted by students. Just in time for the holiday, I offer you a twist on the traditional paper chain, in the form of a challenge. Whether you're leading a team of kids toward cooperative interaction, or looking for a fun party activity for adults, this ought to do the trick!

Chain Link


strips of paper, roughly 1/2" wide and 12" long
(how many depends upon how large your group is...plan for about a dozen strips per person)

a roll of tape
(more if you are trying this with a large group)


You have strips of paper and a roll of tape to work with. Your task is to work together to create a festive paper chain. The catch? You'll do this back to back, keeping your hands behind your back and your face forward. Communication and cooperation is key! You have five minutes to create a paper chain as long as possible. When time expires, your chain will be measured; for every 12 consecutive links, you will receive ten bonus points. Unattached links receive no credit.

Have Fun!

Photo by lizjones112

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Delia said...

this is a fun and awesome idea... I'll try today with my DI team!