Don't Go To Business School

The ever creative Seth Godin is offering up a unique opportunity. A guided quest, says he. Instead of an MBA, spend six months in New York working with Seth and a few other amazing people, learning by doing. A few notes from the site:
You get no credit for a clever application. The goal isn't to be creative in applying, it's to have a life that's shown creativity and insight already [emphasis mine].

To submit a digital application, build a Squidoo lens that answers the questions ... and email me the URL. [Clever marketing on his part - Squidoo IS Seth Godin - my creative problem solving lens is here.]

To submit a non-returnable physical application, mail it to me at Box 305, Irvington, NY 10533. If you're going to mail it in, please enclose a check or money order for $20 payable to the Acumen Fund, a charity I support. This is to encourage you to be digital. [emphasis mine - love the eco-angle!]
Got six months to spare and a place to stay in New York? This might be a great opportunity for one of you creative folks to expand your knowledge base.

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