Rock On!

Bill Dan is a San Francisco based artist who works with rocks. Not rocks that are chiseled to form a sculpture like you might imagine, but simply rocks. Bill practices the art of rock stacking.

[Photo edited out. You'll have to click over to Bill's site to see it.]

While Bill has clearly spent some time honing his skills, what I like about rock stacking is that anyone can give it a try. You can do it just about anywhere - even kids walking along a city sidewalk can pick up tiny bits of gravel for a stacking challenge. Another plus? There's no waste. When kids are done stacking, they can simply disassemble their tower and leave it for Mother Nature.

The Rocker is Bill's blog featuring the work of other rock stackers. I think I'm going to send him this picture I shot in Hawaii. I didn't stack the rocks, but I loved the way these smooth black lava rocks looked against the crashing ocean.

Blog Nod: Think!, where the Radical Rock Challenge is going strong.

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Bill Dan said...

Absolutely SUPER . . . My Friend . . . I love it . . .