Who are you??

I missed blog de-lurking day, which apparently happened last week. A lot of folks roll through this site but only a few of you stop to comment. Just for fun, let's see who's out there. In comments, tell me who you are (are you a teacher? team leader?) and give me a creative answer to this:

Name things that are shallow

Comment before the end of the month with both, and I'll put your name in a hat to win a copy of Team Challenges. I'll post the winner here, on (or close to) Feb. 1. If you don't think you'll remember to come back, add me to your feed reader or follow me via Blogger (link in sidebar) or on Facebook.


C said...

I am a teacher.

Things that are shallow: streams, people, pools, roots.

Jennita said...

I am a professional Destination ImagiNation volunteer.

Things that are shallow: layer of dust under my bed and the stack of mail on my counter. Yea!

Sue Bonzell said...

I'm your sister and a mommy too!

Shallow: certain people, a wading pool, Hal (from the movie "Shallow Hal"), the gene pool!

Sage Teacher said...

I'm a gifted education teacher.
What's shallow? My dog's porta-potty, my depth of knowledge of quantum physics.

Vera Marie Badertscher said...

Hi: I am a writer and a member of a team query challenge. I think what is shallow is the pool of editors who actually reply to my queries.

Vera Marie Badertscher

debra said...

Artist and long time homeschooling mom, here.
Shallow: some people, breathing, puddles, pools, other bodies of water

AkuTyger said...

All the answers I thought of were taken. Let's say.... Politicians are shallow.

I'm a coordinator for my school's DI program here in Brasil, and also a BOMDIA board member. I am not currently a team leader, but I have been in the past.

I didn't know there was a blog delurking day.

Zaxmom said...

I am a school psychologist, a Cub Scout Den Leader, and a soon to be Boy Scout Troop Committee Chairperson as we form a new Boy Scout Troop! Teambuilding will be the utmost importance and you have very creative ideas!!

Shallow things: frying pans, plates, some puddles, my son says, "my attention span," some remarks, some feelings, cookie sheets, and a CD case, and some boxes.

Mary Helen Sheriff said...

Okay, late, but couldn't resist. Stay at home mom, writer, former student council advisor and teacher

shallow--Paris Hilton, petri dish, and finger bowls.

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