Announcing Cities On The Cheap!

Now, this is *slightly* off-topic for this blog. Only slightly because this is a (brief) story about a group of writers coming together from all across America (and a few from Canada and New Zealand) to create a new project. Long distance teamwork, if you will.

The brainchild of Jennifer Maciejewski who started Atlanta On The Cheap last year and grew the concept into a national network of Cities On The Cheap, the sites bring residents and visitors up-to-the-minute information on free, discount and cheap things to do, and other local deals.

To celebrate the launch of this network, many of the sites are giving away some great prizes! I invite you to check out just a few of these contests - they're EASY to enter. And then do your pocketbook a favor and see if your city is included in the network.

Here are just a few On The Cheap contests that are open to anyone in the US:


Dave Blum said...

This is great. I'm waiting for there to be a San Francisco on the cheap. I'd be all over it.

Kris Bordessa said...

Dave, try!