Get Creative with Legos!

Are you an educator? In the LEGO Smart Creativity Contest, educators are challenged to use LEGOs to develop a hands-on activity for their students. Your challenge is to create an activity using only the bricks included in a special LEGO Smart Kit. The kind folks at LEGO will send you this kit - for free!

Once you have it, develop your activity. This can range from a simple build to a more advanced mathematical problem. You’re the creator, so let your imagination lead you!

Better yet? There are prizes! One Grand Prize Winner and eight (8) monthly winners will be selected. Prizes will consist of LEGO Education products and gift certificates valued up to $100 for monthly winners and $250 for the Grand Prize winner!

To be eligible for the LEGO Smart Creativity Contest you must be a teacher or working in the education field. This includes administrators, coaches, home school educators, and classroom aides!

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