The Mysterious Disapperance of Time

Between my regular work and heading to the Destination Imagination finals last month, and then the resulting flu crud we managed to bring home from DI, time has been scarce. Hence, the quietness around here.

My team of four middle school kids competed at the Destination Imagination Region ONE tournament, and advance to State Tournament in San Jose. We managed to leave a trail of gorilla fur (black yarn) all the way across the state, I think.

This age, for this group, was hard. They were just concerned enough about their level of "cool" to hold back on some of their ideas, worrying, I think, about what people would think. They ended up with a lot of half-baked ideas and a lot of really funny ones. If you're not familiar with Destination Imagination, the one aspect that I love is the "no interference" rule. Which means that half-baked or not, MY job was to keep my mouth shut and let them be in charge of their solution. And they were. They were happy with what they did, and I also believe that after the fact, they wished they'd done more. Lessons learned, all around. Which leads me to call this year another success, in spite of the rough road the team traveled to get there!

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I love DI!