Student Leadership Conference w/Team Challenges

Awhile back, I had a great message from Cathy Ivins, Emerson Elementary School Student Council Advisor:
I just wanted to thank you for your incredible book Team Challenges. As Student Council Advisor, I am hosting a student leadership conference at my elementary school. We have invited several 4th-6th graders in each of the 8 other elementary schools throughout the district. Building their cooperation, communication and creativity through your activities will certainly sharpen their leadership skills!
The fact that she felt Team Challenges would add value to her conference was wonderful enough. But tonight, I got this follow up message:
I wanted to let you know what a success my student leadership conference was using your Team Challenges! Thanks for your great ideas!
AND she included a link to this great video/slide show of the kids in action at the Student Leadership Conference that doesn't quite fit perfectly, but I'm embedding nonetheless:

Note that I can't take credit for every challenge shown, but just as a for instance, the Skittles challenge at the very beginning? You'll find that on page 159 of Team Challenges.

Cathy, thanks so much. Messages like this make my day!

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