Everyday Creativity

Psychology Today addresses Everyday Creativity in a recent issue (the article is available online). Just as I stated in the opening pages of Team Challenges, the article suggests that while we recognize the creative genius of people like Mozart or Picasso, rarely do most people consider themselves creative.
Pete Herzog noticed that his three kids rarely drove the expensive battery-powered toy car he had bought them for Christmas because it was always out of juice. One afternoon he spotted a broken solar-powered garden lamp rolling around and took off its panels. He hooked them to the toy-car battery, using parts he melted off the lamp's circuit board. Now the car, left to bake in the sun all day, is always ready for joyrides.....But he doesn't think of himself as a creative person!
The article is worth a read for anyone interested in creativity - or anyone who wants to work on thinking more creatively. According to the article:
The first step to increasing your creativity quotient is believing you can.
I would say, the second step to increasing your creativity quotient is practice. Happily, I'm not going to insist that you get out the paints. You can practice thinking creatively just about anywhere, with no materials whatsoever. Riding in your car? Absolutely. See how many answers you can come up with for some simple questions like:
  • Name things that climb
  • Name things that roll
  • Name things that are cracked
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